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Keep bedding and annual plants to a minimum Avoid overbred flowers or overly large flowers they require lots of food and water to keep performing.

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How To Keep Your Garden Low Maintenance. Choose plants trees and shrubs that require less water to thrive. There are many beautiful options that will work in a. Watering restrictions are a reality in many areas and it makes sense to reduce watering chores whenever possible. If your soil is alkaline your best option for how to grow camellias is to plant them in a large pot of ericaceous.

Water wisely watering at ground level is best. Low maintenance garden ideas. Use bulbs rather than bedding plants to fill up spaces Look for a AGM medal on the plant label it will be a good performer and have better disease resistance. The first rule of thumb in creating a low maintenance flower garden is to keep it small.

This layer of materials applied to your soil serves to conserve soil moisture fertilize your plants reduce weed growth and foster the overall health of your garden. As such putting mulch can go a long way in making a difference in your garden. Set up a drip irrigation system or even run a leaky hose through your bed. The most important tip of all in creating a low maintenance flower bed is mulch.

Types of Flowers for A Low-Maintenance Garden. While the grasses need to be properly taken care of the mulch does the opposite. You dont have to be a master gardener or even have a green thumb to see your flower garden bloom. Use Drought-Tolerant Plants.

Another benefit to this simple low maintenance garden idea is that theres only so much growing plants can do in a pot which means less pruning. Line Your Beds With Mulch Each Spring Mulch tops grass in a low-maintenance setup for several good reasons. If you have to use an overhead sprinkler then be sure to always water in the morning. It also has glossy green foliage that will form a useful backdrop to other flowers in the garden.

Mulch deters weeds much better than grass and it breaks down quickly to fertilize your soil rejuvenating it with nutrients for upcoming growing seasons. Some of the latest pots also have reservoir systems such as Lechuzas self-watering planters which keep your plants hydrated for up to three months for another time saving hack. This will keep the leaves drier and help to prevent mildew or fungal disease. Dont go crazy when youre picking out flowers stick with 3 or 4 groupings of 3 of the same perennial and then fill in with annuals.

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